Brace-Free Orthodontic TreatmentInvisalign

If you’d like a straighter smile in Cedar Park but would prefer to avoid wearing traditional metal braces, Dr. Chris Mun is here to help. Dr. Mun is a certified Invisalign provider. With this clear, subtle alternative to traditional braces, you can correct your smile without wearing bulky, unsightly braces. Learn more below, or contact us now to schedule an Invisalign consultation below.

A smiling woman holding invisalign or invisible braces

Understanding The BasicsWhat Is Invisalign?

Like braces, Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment. It’s meant to correct the position of crooked and crowded teeth, and it can also help reposition your jaw to solve minor-to-moderate bite issues. But that’s where the similarities end.

That’s because Invisalign doesn’t use brackets, braces, rubber bands, and other such components. Invisalign looks more like a retainer. Each set of aligners is built from durable plastic, and is designed to put pressure on your teeth, moving them toward the proper position. Then, by swapping through multiple sets of Invisalign aligners, the alignment of your teeth and your bite will gradually be corrected.

Invisalign has lots of benefits compared to braces. It’s more subtle, since the aligners are invisible and don’t affect your speech or appearance. It also is more comfortable, since there are no metal parts that may irritate your mouth. Invisalign is also more convenient, since you can remove your aligners to eat and drink, and to brush and floss. This means there are no dietary restrictions or limitations, unlike braces.

How Does Invisalign Work?Understanding The Process

To begin the Invisalign process, you’ll need to visit Dr. Mun for an orthodontic consultation at Whitestone Family Dentistry. He will examine your mouth and determine if Invisalign is right for you. If you’re a good candidate, he will take digital scans of your mouth and send these to Invisalign.

Then, you’ll be sent home as Dr. Mun develops your Invisalign treatment plan. Your first few sets of aligners will arrive at our office after a few weeks, and you’ll come back to pick them up and get further instructions from Dr. Mun.

While this may differ slightly for you, most patients swap to a new set of aligners every 2 weeks. You will need to wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours per day. The more consistent you are about wearing them, the better your results will be.

Because you’ll regularly need to swap to new sets of aligners, you’ll also need to come back to Whitestone Family Dentistry about every 6 weeks. Dr. Mun will examine your mouth to ensure your treatment is progressing properly, and he will also give you the next several sets of aligners that you’ll need to wear.

Dental invisible braces or silicone trainer in the hands of a young smiling girl

How LongDo You Have To Wear Invisalign?

The average treatment time for Invisalign is about a year. However, every patient is different. Some may only need to wear Invisalign for 6 months if they have minor orthodontic problems, while those with more serious teeth alignment issues may need up to 18 months of treatment or more.

It all depends on your own unique situation. Dr. Mun can provide you with more information and an estimate for your treatment time after you schedule an appointment at Whitestone Family Dentistry, so contact us for an orthodontic consultation in Cedar Park today.

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