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DENTAL SAVERS MEMBERSHIP – Cedar Park, TX Join Now & Start Saving On Dental Care You Need Book Appointment Call Us: 512-562-0067 Because You Deserve Quality, Affordable Dentistry Discover exceptional dental care at affordable prices with our Dental Savers Membership. This membership offers significant discounts on dental procedures, ensuring you and your family receive top-quality […]

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Invisalign® Survey

– Cedar Park, TX Can Your Smile Benefit From Invisalign®? Take the survey below to see if you are a candidate! Take Survey – Cedar Park, TX Can Your Smile Benefit From Invisalign®? Find out with this short survey! Take Survey Why Choose Invisalign®? When it comes to straightening your smile, discretion matters. With Invisalign,

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Exam Special

– Cedar Park, TX $49 Exam & X-Ray* *New patients only. Book Appointment Call Us: 512-562-0067 – Cedar Park, TX $49 Exam & X-Ray* *New patients only. Book Appointment Call Us: 512-562-0067 Whether you’re experiencing a dental emergency or are just overdue for a dental checkup, we want to help. That’s why we’re offering a

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Invisalign® Learning Center

– Cedar Park, TX Invisalign® Learning Center Book Appointment Call Us: 512-562-0067 Invisalign® – Cedar Park, TX The Clearest Solution To A Straightened Smile Schedule Your Free Consultation Today! Book Appointment Call Us: 512-562-0067 Benefits Of Invisalign® The Invisalign system features a series of clear, smooth, plastic aligners that simply slip over your teeth and

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How Do Veneers Work? Veneers are tooth-colored porcelain shells. They’re used as a cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of flawed teeth. Veneers can create a uniform and aesthetic smile in which you can feel proud and confident. We will bond the shells to the front of your tooth enamel to hide imperfections like misalignment,

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Dental Fillings

Understanding The Basics What Are Dental Fillings? Dental fillings are materials used to fill cavities and repair structural damage to teeth from dental trauma. The filling rebuilds the structure of the tooth to restore its health, function, and appearance. For teeth with cavities, the decay first needs to be removed.  Fillings can be made of

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Teeth Whitening

Understanding The Basics How Does Teeth Whitening Work? When you get your teeth professionally whitened, a peroxide-based whitening agent is applied to your teeth. These peroxides react with the oxygen molecules in your teeth, breaking them down and bleaching your teeth to create a whiter appearance.  The peroxide penetrates your tooth and removes surface stains

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Occlusal Guards

Protect Your Teeth What Is An Occlusal Guard? An occlusal guard is also known as a mouthguard. A mouthguard is a custom-fit protective thermoplastic shield for your teeth. They are used to protect your teeth from any excess force due to teeth grinding or clenching and TMJ. The mouthguard acts as a cushion for your

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Replace Your Missing Teeth Dentures If you’ve lost one or more of your natural teeth, we are here to help. We specialize in custom-fitted dentures in Cedar Park, TX, and can help you restore your smile. Dentures are convenient, affordable, and allow you to replace your missing teeth quickly. Contact us now to schedule an

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