Texas Museum Of Science and Technology

The Texas Museum of Science and Technology (TXMOST), located in the center of Cedar Park, Texas, welcomes science lovers of all ages. Since its founding, this fascinating organization—often referred to as Cedar Park’s hidden gem—has been igniting curiosity and igniting a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). You can travel through the wonders of our universe, from the smallest particles to the vastness of space, as you enter TXMOST.

A Center for Scientific Research

The Texas Museum of Science and Technology, which was established in 2015, is more than just a museum; it serves as a center for scientific research and development. Its goal is to encourage STEM-related curiosity, creativity, and passion in people from all walks of life. TXMOST has established itself as a valuable resource for Cedar Park and the surrounding communities because to its interactive displays, compelling programming, and immersive experiences.

The Displays

The exhibits of TXMOST, each of which has been carefully chosen to arouse astonishment and intellectual curiosity, are at the center of the attraction of the museum. The museum has plenty to interest everyone, whether they are aspiring scientists, seasoned professionals, or just interested tourists.

Dino Pit: Visit the Dino Pit to travel back in time to the time of the dinosaurs. This exhibit offers a hands-on opportunity to unearth prehistoric treasures thanks to its life-sized dinosaur models and fossil replicas.

Explore the world of energy production, sustainability, and innovation in this exhibit on energy and innovation. Learn about electricity, renewable energy sources, and the technology influencing our future energy needs.

Space Exploration: The Space Exploration exhibit will take you on a trip across space. Learn about the most recent advancements in space research, view models of spacecraft, and explore the secrets of the cosmos.

Physics and engineering: Interactive displays that highlight the laws of motion, sound, and force invite you to explore the worlds of physics and engineering. Play around with simple machinery to feel the rush of discovery.

Biology and Life Sciences: The Biology and Life Sciences exhibition explores the variety of life on Earth, from the marvels of the human body to the diverse ecosystems of our planet.

Innovation Station: This area offers a place for practical innovation for budding inventors and experimenters. Play with technology, construct things, and let your creative side loose.

Educational Initiatives

TXMOST is a vibrant center of learning, not just a location to enjoy exhibitions. The museum provides a variety of educational opportunities aimed at inspiring and involving students of all ages.

STEM Workshops: The museum offers classes and workshops that cover a range of STEM topics, allowing visitors to learn more about themes that interest them.

School Programs: TXMOST works with nearby schools to give children enriching STEM experiences. These initiatives seek to enhance classroom instruction and cultivate an enduring passion for science.

Summer Camps: The museum’s summer camps provide young learners with an engaging experience by fusing hands-on activities with scientific inquiry.

Lectures & discussions: The community has the chance to interact with specialists in a range of scientific subjects through regularly scheduled lectures and discussions by guest speakers.

Community Participation

Serving the community is TXMOST’s top priority. To advance STEM education and outreach, it actively engages with locals, institutions of higher learning, and community organizations.

Science Nights: To encourage hands-on learning and inquiry, the museum organizes Science Nights for community organizations and schools.

TXMOST engages in STEM festivals and events in the Cedar Park region, exposing a wider audience to interactive exhibits and activities.

Partnerships: To increase its visibility and influence in the neighborhood, the museum works in partnership with regional institutions of higher learning.

A Future Perspective

The Texas Museum of Science and Technology has a vision for the future and is not happy with being just a museum. A brand-new, cutting-edge building will be built as part of the expansion plans, adding even more space for exhibits, activities, and community involvement. The museum’s dedication to become a top regional destination for STEM learning and exploration is reflected in this expansion.


The Texas Museum of Science and Technology in Cedar Park, Texas, is an example of the influence of curiosity, discovery, and lifelong learning. It is a location where guests of all ages may immerse themselves in the marvels of science and technology, delve deeper into the mysteries of the cosmos, and learn more about the world around them. TXMOST is a dynamic center that inspires future scientists and engineers, encourages a love for STEM, and cultivates a feeling of wonder in everyone who enters its doors. It is more than just a museum. The Texas Museum of Science and Technology welcomes you to embark on a voyage of inquiry and discovery that will leave you inspired and ready to explore the limitless frontiers of science and technology, whether you’re a student, a teacher, a parent, or simply someone with an inquisitive spirit.

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